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Free Art Tool Released Thanks to Epic Friday - Feedback Thread

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    Hey Warren, I'm a Comics Illustrator, a Mac user (OS X, 10.6.8), I don't have a PC and I can't stretch enough how useful this tool you've created is to me, which, unfortunately, I can't use.

    I'd really wish you would create a Mac version soon. Thanks.


      I have a suggestion for the software.One useful option would be to be able to automatically add a VP in 90 degree angle to a selected VP. For example I select a place for VP1 then I add a VP2 but it is not related to VP1.From what I know an objects VPs are thought to have 90degree angle between each other.So I do not know how great would the use be...but if it is coded that the user places one VP or many...and selects the VP he desires,after a key combination the software places the opposite side VP on a 90degree angle....based by that grid for example.I'm not sure how helpful that would be and is it really needed but it will have to imply the Station Point in it,now that I think about it...Maybe this will have to imply an option if the user desires to place a station point and get a relation based system that he could manipulate....change the StP and have his VPs change,based on that.anyway I just put this out in the discussion.


        I am having alot of trouble running this program. When I down load the file it shows it's a rar file but when I put it on my pc it show's up as a photoshop doc which it's not. I have .net frame work ver 4 installed and everything.


          I have XP and it's not working either. Could you please try to fix it? or does anybody knows a way of fixing it?


            yes the exe isnt opening i downloaded it 5 times and to no avail please fix it.