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Two New Releases Demonstrate the Breadth of Unreal Engine technology

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  • Two New Releases Demonstrate the Breadth of Unreal Engine technology

    What do you think of Dungeon Defenders and Batman: Arkham City?

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    Meh, nah i love them and will be continuing the Rocksteady Batman on my PS3.


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      Liked Batman Arkham Asylum; love Arkham City.


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        Dungeon Defenders is excellent. They combine the spiral of greed that we know from hack'n'slay with the fascination of tower defense. Unfortunately does their online service seem to suffer a lot from disconnects at the moment.

        Arkham Asylum was a nice and perfectly executed game from a design point of view. Didn't appeal all that much in the end to me but I enjoyed it nonetheless and Arkham City will probably do everything right or better.

        On a side note did Coffee Stain Studios just release a beta patch for Sanctum in which they state that they upgraded to a newer version of the Unreal Engine and added a lot of new content as well. That's nice to hear too.


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          Spent hours playing Dungeon Defenders last night with my brother and it finally feels like real PC gamers made a game for real PC gamers. There are so many gameplay choices they've made that are brilliant. The game runs wonderfully on my little AMD E350 and it's a hoot for the whole family. I'm looking forward to unlocking smoe of those classes and building my dragon Was that done in UE3 or UDK?


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            They have a full UE3 license, that's why they can easily offer mod support and also publish the game on consoles later.


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              DunDef started on the UDK (as shown with the Dungeon Defense UDK demo found on the UDK showcase)... we did however move on to a license for access to the code base/changelists that are only available to licensees. However, we used all the same tools that are available in the UDK toolset.

              Edit - P.s.: Technically, we used the UDK all the way to the end - hence why if you purchase the PC version, you will still see the "UDKGame" directory in the game content files. The UDK is simply all you need to start an amazing project; if you can dream it, you can build it - and when your ready to dig a little deeper into source code, Epic is there to oblige and get what you need to get the game done.

              And large thanks to Mark Rein and Everyone at Epic for believing in us!!