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UDK Royalty Threshold Raised to US$50,000

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    This is really epic!!!


      Great news!


        This is just awesome!

        Thank you so much for all your efforts to make the indie developers dream make true through UDK and that great licensing politics!

        I dont know, before UDK I was trying to learn directX and dreaming about building a small engine, then slowly build upon that.
        When UDK came out, I was proceeding faster than before, to get to a
        more professional level of experience to finish a game.

        Thanks Epic!
        You made it possible to many small indie devs to not give up
        on their hard way of learning and working on doing much more stuff
        they ever dreamed of much much easier with the great Unreal Engine!


          Simply fantastic, thank you Epic!

          Wow this year is full of good news so early in. This is great to hear and thank you for the flows Mr Rein they make things very straight forward and easy to understand for everyone.

          Im truly lost for words, its going to be so great to see what people do with this and the boost that it'll no doubt bring to an already active community.


            Originally posted by Mark Rein View Post
            In order for us to make money with UDK the developers who use it have to make money first. That's a win-win for everyone involved.
            Yeah, I kinda got that far on my own. I meant, it surely must cost to maintain UDK with all these Updates and so on and so forth. I don't know any numbers on how many Developers actually get far enough to Sell their Game. Thus I got curios

            Nevertheless, It's shocking to see a Company to help Indie Developers to "get up on their feet". Somehow, it feels like the very opposite of what EA Games would do.

            Oh well, I love it!

            Any super secret news on Unreal Engine 4?


              Originally posted by Mordt View Post
              Much appreciated and very generous of you guys. I know a lot of people that will be happy with that news.

              Is the $99 license fee per game or per studio? I know you mentioned venture but wondered if ventue is the business or title released? Not that it really matters $99 is peanuts

              Well Done!
              Per studio. No title licenses, no per-seat licenses


                Originally posted by Allar View Post
                I wonder if anything will be revealed at GDC...
                Well maybe the Xperia Play will make it possible. As Epic said before, Android runs on many different devices, and some of them are not really designed for gaming.


                  It's really a great news and a nice way to get more indie devs on UDK !


                    Wow, this is awesome! Thank you!

                    With our project going so well and now this, I'm really excited! Can't wait to unleash what we've been doing...


                      Cool. This is the most awesome thing I've read in this year.


                        Originally posted by MVGS View Post
                        Cool. This is the most awesome thing I've read in this year.
                        And there's still 10 more months!!!!


                          THANKS Mr. Hein ^^

                          Thanks Mr Hein!

                          In some cases, the first guys that are really giving us a hand to get into business are you from Epic. Hope that this bring to all of us great games and a long term partnership!

                          Best of luck and success!



                            That's an amazing and great news...
                            I'm totally stunned...

                            *clap clap clap*
                            Originally posted by Blade[UG] View Post
                            And there's still 10 more months!!!!
                            Hell yeah !


                              Epic is sweet!!!

                              This is freakin awesome news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                i read this and passed out from the sheer epicness

                                love you epic <3