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How to make static meshes stuck to each other

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    How to make static meshes stuck to each other

    Hey !

    I'm currently in trouble with a simple thing in UDK3, (im a beginner).
    It's about stuck static meshes to each other. I want a group of object to make a single one, that can be modify as my wish.

    I have made a composition of object to make a bridge, there is like 20 object (8 are visible in the following image):
    This object has been rotated by 45 degrees on the green axis compare to the initial rotation 0; 0; 0.

    Now I switch to Local, because I need to rotate the group like that to make a bridge that go up, so I take the blue axis and I rotate it quite a few, making some complete circle, etc... and without touching anything else than the blue axis rotation, my group of object "explode" and every object rotation gone wild and it looks like **** after that :
    When I do that without the rotation of 45 on the green axis, it works juste fine.

    I have try to create prefab to group them, a simple group (ctrl-G), reset each axis to default, but still dont work.

    Thanks !

    make sure rotation is set to world and not local.


      Thanks for the answers, I will try that and take you inform.


        I still don't find the answer to my problem and I kinda give up. The only way I find to avoid this, is to re-make the composition with world axis reference by putting individually and to every object, the rotation you want them to finally have. Then turn the whole thing always in world.