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    Thanks for the info Gaz I am looking at autorig options right now and they have evolved since i last payed atention to them back in 2011.I am going to try a software called jimmy rig(a auto rigger)that can take motion capture with a simple xbox kinect device.
    the video Tutorial | Mocap Kinect #1 looks very promising.

    Will buy a kinect device in a few weeks and inform if this is the way to go for quick custom animations.

    And ive found this other one that shoud be the best one there is.(not yet released)

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    mixamo animatins

    in case you've not heard.if you have a free account then you have free unlimited access to every thing for an undisclosed amount of time.

    ive done nothing for 3 days accept get my latest models rigged and get as many anims as I can.

    who says nothings free