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refreshing myself on the vehicle systems

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    what with 1 thing and another,ive not used udk very much in the last couple of months,but I have been busy in max.mainly on characters.but ive also built this and using a variant of the race pathnodes ive finally got a plane that bots can fly.
    theyre not fully autonomous but it works well enough for my can even free walk in the cargo bay whilst the bot flys it.happy days.


      Nice to see you back dude! Very interesting clip...

      Q: How does the player walk about the cargo area without being affected or flung out by the motion of the airplane, if you speed up the plane does it make a difference?

      BTW: How did the Ferrari turn out? (*cough* asking totally unselfishly )


        thanks frankit.

        in vehicles,only components attached to the root bone give proper collision (unless you set bUseSingleBodyPhysics=0,but then the vehicle wont fly) so I surrounded the cargo area with 5 box components in the phat editor.

        to get into the cargo area in flight ive attached a dynamic pathnode and spawn/possess a pawn from there.the figures in the top right are for the ac-130 and you can see when I open the rear doors the speed drops from 280 mph to around 150 with no loss of player control.if you jump while in the back you do travel backward in relation to the plane which isn't realistic,but hay ho.

        at the moment there is still 1 area where you get pinched by the phys asset and killed but I think I can tweak it.

        still lots to do,but its all working in principle so I will crack on.i will do a gunship variant too.

        the flight nodes are based on the race nodes from the donnington map but ive made them dynamic so I can alter the flight path.the bot heads to them in reverse order.(which you can see top left) if the player takes control and then flys of route before handing control back to the bot,he will head back to his last flight node and continue.

        the plane script is based once again from 1 of teglegs scripts.thanks teg.

        the Ferrari is still half done,i got sucked into character modelling.i will post some results of that soon.


          Wow, super interesting....



            writing the parachute script was simpler than I thought.i will post it when ive finished tweaking it.


              thanks getting there.