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refreshing myself on the vehicle systems

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    all meshes and code included.

    I moved all the content to a newer version of udk to check nothing was missing,but I can post for earlier udk versions if need be.


      Looks good Are you using the scorpion for this or is it a new rig?If its the scorpion i remember there was a option(if not mistaking)to give it more ¨lag/delay¨ when stearing left/right to make it feel more natural.Somehow i think the car may need more weigh to it.In the phat editor maybe bump up a litle the weight of the main root bone.
      Will try the car this week!


        thanks,its based on the scorpion code so the bone names are the same,i did a lot of tweeking and got the car to handle well for my liking.i will post later with some of the most important settings that are easily changed to alter the handling.
        I think the phys mass is set to 5,any more and the suspension is too compressed.

        as for the normals on the lambo,I will stick with my current method for this car because of the timelapse vid ive been recording,i don't want it to get too long because im figuring stuff out.but I will go that way for my next model.

        the lambo makes it to udk.


          Can't wait for a test-drive


            thanks gaz.
            now to find out what i missed getting the springs to work

            btw dont know if you sussed it yet but the engine sound is manipulated by EngineRPMCurve.


              Originally posted by tegleg View Post
              btw dont know if you sussed it yet but the engine sound is manipulated by EngineRPMCurve.
              I get that bit but cant find where that actually affects the enginesound object.

              I may have gone about it completely wrong,swithcing from the ut3 engine sound object to my own enginesound1 object,but I will take another look after ive finished the lamborghini mesh.


                yeah looks like its native, probably coming from the physx simulation.
                seems we are both dealing with the same things atm.
                im in the process of writing my own gear system so it 'lurches' as it changes gear, and that means i will eventually deal with the engine sound. how ive planned on doing it is take the input and increase the pitch according to forward velocity and wheel spin, or something along those lines.


                  got the basics done and I can never help myself from lots of early testing.

                  back end of the mesh needs some work and some little additions yet,but the mesh is almost done.


                    Great to see the Lambo in action Gaz661...

                    To better understand the design process, what are the big things on the todo list?

                    Are the signature scissor doors more difficult to create than normal car doors?


                      as I said, I like to bring the mesh into udk way before its ready because I like to play.

                      I think the doors will be tricky,but we will see.

                      theres still a lot of texture stuff to do,unfortunatly I cant record that as I use an old favourite for that,picture publisher,and it wont run in aero,which I need to record.
                      damage morphs targets and damage materials.
                      tweeking the phys asset.
                      tweeking the code,lots of that.
                      animtree-not everything working yet.
                      finish the mesh.
                      try to get phys materials working properly.


                        lambo is destruction looking good, you really got the hang of it
                        want to make a load of cars for tegs playground lol?
                        just adding the last tweaks to a gearbox if you want that when its done, still automatic but a huge improvement over the standard one, ill up a vid soonish


                          i can make a few more cars no problem and a new gearbox sounds sweet,

                          I want to take another look at bikes too,my last attempt,the zx7 was a bit lame.



                            If you're open to more vehicle suggestions....

                            1. Pagani Huayra (cutting edge aircraft-like flaps in place of spoilers).

                            2. Bravo concept car:

                            3. Vehicle designs from Luigi Colani:


                              Luigi made some nice cars there, kind of perfect video game cars.

                              here is a quick test of the gearbox so far, ill try and get it finished this weekend.
                              everything on it is customizable including engine power!
                              forgot how nice udk is to work with


                                frankit:that luigi certainly has a unique way of looking at cars,but im not going to pick the next car until I finish the lamobrghini.theres enough to think about with that for now.

                                tegleg:superb.what a difference that little lurch makes.welcome back to udk.

                                before I forget,a couple of easily changed things for the peugot,handling wise.

                                file: peugot206_Wheel1.uc .ParkedSlipFactor=2.0 .this makes the back end of the car loose.higher numbers = more grip.

                                file: peugot206_vehicle.uc .in the def properties block,after the 2 first lines.changing the values of the next 4 lines between the current ones and the commented out ones will make the car more prone to tip over on tight corners.

                                fun things with wheels.

                                if you look at the 2 wheel files you will see that peugot206_Wheel1 are the rear wheels and not powered whereas peugot206_Wheel are the front wheels and are powered aswell as steer.its easy enough to swap around for rear wheel drive,but you can go further-for ultimate cornering,4 wheel steering.just set the rear wheel SteerFactor to -1.