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Error Message loading Starter Platform Game

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    Error Message loading Starter Platform Game

    Hello all, newbie here. I installed UDK3 with no issues. I downloaded the Starter Platform Game from the UDK Gems site, extracted it to the base directory as instructed, but when I opened it in the UDK Editor I got the following message:

    MaterialInstanceConstant UN_LightCards.dm_deck.UN_LightCards_Slime01 in StarterPlatformMap and stating references were set to NULL. What is the message referring to and how can I correct it so the map will load completely?


    It sounds like the example is out of sync the downloaded UDK version (the demo predates / postdates UDK).

    A Material Instance Constant is a material that takes parameters. You could try an earlier version of UDK that's closer to the date of the example (see Chance Ivey's post from yesterday that contains links to older versions of UDK). Or try and locate meshes in the level that have a blue / white checker-board material which indicates missing materials....Then drag the new Slime01 MIC from the Content Browser to these meshes. Not every error like this will be fatal, sometimes actors in the level will just look wrong or meshes may be missing or invisible, but the map will still play ok...