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Steam Server Browser Implementation

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    Steam Server Browser Implementation

    I'd like some help/clarification on the implementation of our game's server browser.

    We were originally going to use this: To save a list of server details for players to download. Servers would upload their data when they came online, and players could join from the data send back from sagittarius.

    However, we've now been Greenlit (Hooray) and I have access to steam works. From what I can see the Steam lobby system can do the same job as sagittarius by storing server data as a "lobby" allowing players to search for a list of lobbies and join the one they want. Fine and simple.

    However when reading the steamworks docs on UDN I saw this messaged with perturbed me:

    "ALERT! Note: The lobby system is not a replacement for the server browser (albeit it is good to implement anyway, since it resolves browser-based NAT issues for hosts), as it functions very differently (no inbuilt ability to ping servers before join for instance) and the Steam Client must be open to use lobbies, which means dedicated servers can not use them."

    Taken from here: Lobby

    So how do I proceed? Do I use steamworks? Or Sagittarius? Or Both? What is the usual method used by UDK multiplayer games?