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    ive got to agree with frankits first will learn more and faster going through the code than you ever will with beyondunreal my experience it only gives you the information that udk gives you anyway.

    a while ago I started to compile a list of every variable(or as many as id had come across) in each class,in alphabetical order,to make things easier for myself.and just doing that was a major milestone in my understanding of how things are done.

    kismet is superpowerfull,especially once you've read henriks stuff.when I started I did everything in kismet,really complicated stuff,but as the years went by my familiarity with uscript grew and I saw the benefits of will almost certainly use code for weapons,vehicles and pawns and my advise would be,do what ever you can with every tool epic gave us,dont be will never stop learning,and the few of us left here are always willing to share our knowledge.


      Thank you very much, I will need some time to experiment reading and follow you advises. And came back later and talk about my successes here.
      And I am happy that still people here
      So, sharing is caring.

      And I had a bit stress with this **** Wiki, I cant even make the simplest text formatting stuff without diving deep into HTML CSS again, what I actually like to surround.
      It starting to drive me crazy and I am close of throwing all against a wall :\
      I learn some basic HTML and what this editors create there has nothing to do with what I learned in the past.
      but I don't want to bother you guys with such off topic stuff. ^^

      I just want to write down I learned (in form of a wiki with a little structure) so that I can read it later again instead of searching it in the web again and wont fear to lose this web info. ;-; I am very forgetful(vergesslich) and need notices ;}

      BTW did you know a god notice software with index features and stuff I just don't want to store all in a txt file and folder based structure.
      I am actually use Evernote but it missing some important simple features like re adjustable tables real tabs (instead of 5 spaces:\) and stuff.

      so, big thanks again.