enabling grb and physx and upping the limit to 256 grb memory.unfortunatly it doesnt seem like the dll files have the capacity to go beyond 256mb of grb memory or possibly the udk .exe itself..... i was wondering with visual studio 2010 and the apex sdk1.2.1/physx sdk 2.8.4 fully working and environment variabled and the works. is it possible to edit the .dll files location that hold the 256mb grb limit. as it seems i can only edit the destructionsample.exe and the dll's stay simply binary. if anyone knows how to modify the apex physx sdk's grb 256mb cap through the supplied .dll files this would be awesome.i need more grb memory because as it stands once the 256 mb barrier is breached(and its small!) things go wonky udk reverts back into cpu mode and my buildings and structures start having coordinate problems like placing themselves in the sky!!!