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    Learning from Online Video Tutorials

    I'm talking about companies like Digital-Tutors, Gnomon Workshop and .....
    how do i learn from their videos? what is the best way?

    is it the best way if i watch the video fully and try to apply it by my own? or is it better to pause the video and go in a step-by-step fashion??

    thanks in advance

    I personally always follow them step by step and after that I try to use the stuff that I have made for something own -> e.g when the tutorials shows how to create a basic weapon I will follow it and then I will try to create a more advanced weapon (e.g more animations, other projectiles,...)


      Deceptively simple question. It all depends on the subject matter IMHO :-

      1. If its 3ds Max / Maya / Blender and the area is new to you, follow the tutorials religiously, and acquaint yourself with the material beforehand if possible by watching it a few times on a train / bus.
      2. If its Level-Design, Particles / Emitters / Cascade, or Materials / Material Editor either in UDK / UE4 then follow the tutorials loosely, but feel free to experiment on your own as you'll make some serendipitous discoveries.
      3. If its Bot AI / Pathing / Coding... Try and have an existing problem or area you need to solve and use tutorials to address it, as it will help you design your own Code / AI systems and learn to solve problems quicker on your own.