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Could such a game really be made with UDK?..

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    Of course you can learn and make the ideas you've put forward. Then it depends whether you're making a game for profit or fun. For fun (free) you can use UT's script, but for sale you pay.

    This link is dated but offers advice that never gets old:

    "Some Advice to Start With"

    Whether UDK or UE4 is up to you. I use UDK. fighter5347 uses UE4 and in his posts says it's easier to use for non-coders than UDK.

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  • started a topic Could such a game really be made with UDK?..

    Could such a game really be made with UDK?..

    What's up everyone!

    First of all, in case if my topic relates to a different forums section I'd like to bring my apologies and ask administrator to transfer it to where it belongs and secondly, which is more important to me, as if someone will be that excited about my idea of realization it on IPhone or any other available devices, or platforms I will strongly ask not to steal or remake it the way I am about to do cause comparing to some others genres I consider that my idea is very unique and different!

    So what I am about let you know and ask you guys here are about what has been recently so to speak visited myself in the dream of how I actually made or played this game, and the description goes something like this:

    In a small ground area surrounded by the low borders there is a tall cylindrical object consisting of horizontal and equally stripped (with different colours) «rings” which like a spinning top turns around either by itself and everywhere inside of the ground area, and if it hits the walls of the ground area, the object harshly moves away towards the centre of the area, but the main focus is when by the time the other following small objects starting to appear from the entrance (for instance they are double striped (2 rings object) with one or two colour matched to the bottom ones of the main cylindrical object), then this main object has to become smaller on one or two stripes, but if it touches the one with no colour match then this main object becomes taller on those 2 rings and so on.., so the idea is if the main object becomes high enough then the chances to lose the game are also high, however, if the rings become lower and eventually no longer be presented, then it means the game had been already won!

    Now, the concept of the game is not so complicated, except its making process and programming I guess, but the only things I need to realise of if these all possible to produce in UDK, and if so, then would the commercial books or modern video tutorials teach me about all of those aspects that I have to deal with in order to create such a game especially with no programming experience?