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Blender to udk exporting Skeletal Mesh

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    Blender to udk exporting Skeletal Mesh

    Hey guys,
    I've got a little problem.
    But first of all, sry for my bad english (not my native language)!

    So, i modelled this ice axe in Blender:

    And i want to use it as a weapon in the UDK.

    But, the axe is built out of 6 Objekts in Blender:

    So, how do i have to set parentings/bones or whatever, to be able to import the modell as 1 Skelletal Mesh in the UDK and be able to give every part of my mesh (the grip, the blade, etc..) a single material?

    Like this:

    I really don't know how to do this. Some help would be awesome!

    (and again sry for my bad english ^^)

    In blender, assign the same material to all 6 objects. Lay out the uvs so they don't overlap.

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      I recently posted a thread about importing FBX skeletal meshes from Blender to UDK. Maybe it might help. Here:**