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Where did Epic Citadel HTML5/WebGL go?

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    Where did Epic Citadel HTML5/WebGL go?

    This demo was my favorite go-to thing for showing off the potential the web has for 3D stuff, and benchmarking a browser. Sure, there's other WebGL demos and benchmarks, but this was one where it seemed more awe-inspiring and straightforward to use. It was more real to people I showed, that were like "oh, this is a real thing, cause this looks like Unreal Tournament or Infinity Blade and it just happens to be in my browser." And by real, I mean as opposed to, say, demos of really really fancy cubes in WebGL, that are quite neat in their own way, but couldn't call them as real world an implementation as Epic Citadel.

    I heard the news that iOS 8 turned on WebGL for Safari and I was going to go check and see if it ran Epic Citadel (yes, I realize there's already an app for that, but the idea is to check and see how well the browser could do it).

    Instead I found myself at an ad for yet another Flappy Bird clone in the App Store that really isn't much of a demo of Unreal Engine. You can do that kinda stuff even without WebGL or a native app. That's like a basic HTML5 app you could accomplish before there was even an App Store.

    Please put the impressive Epic Citadel HTML5 demo back up somewhere?


    hmmm wonder why they took that down, that flappy kack doesnt really do a lot to sell ue4 does it lol.

    here are my tests if you want to try, nothing special just the template car and blank projects so far. should be a slightly modified flying one up later today to test if multiplayer works.
    click the html links and wait for ages for it to download. works best in firefox nightly 64 bit
    heres direct links

    they should keep getting better as i mess with them