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Dynamic lighting problems

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    When the light inflicts at a , certain angle this happends, " how to avoid it " , i don't know myself ", i have the same problems , though there are ways to hide it and there are ways to make it softer.

    The first one would be placing other stuff around your level , that avoid that the light hits the degree that will make the lines appear.

    Another is , the console command Set Scale ShadowDepthBias 0.025 , change it and check different results.

    Good luck and don't hit your head in a wall so much.

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  • started a topic Dynamic lighting problems

    Dynamic lighting problems

    Hi all,

    Having some great problem with dynamic light in udk. I'm using dominant directional moveable. Here's what I get:

    Please help me. Why these seams are rendering? How do I remove the seams?

    Also the dynamic shadow quality is too bad. How do I get soft dynamic shadow without any noise?

    Thanks in advance.