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Custom Lighting & Textured Shadows

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    Custom Lighting & Textured Shadows

    Hello !

    I have recently been working on a lighting system to give a "sketch" aesthetic to my game. I have a custom lighting based on a duplicate of the base Phong and plugged into CustomLighting and CustomLightingDiffuse.

    What I am looking for, and the texture I'm testing for it :

    The basic idea is that I use a texture (with separate hatch textures on R, G & B) as my shadow instead of a dark gradient. Unfortunately I currently have two major problems :

    Preobel 1 : The CustomLightingDiffuse doesn't seem to use the texture I have set up directly, I think it is forcing a gradient :

    The shadow should be pure black, shouldn't it ?

    Problem 2 : Even when deleting the "Custom Light Diffuse" connection, I would like the parts that are currently pure-black shadows to use my black&white texture (the densest one).

    Is there any way to get rid of these "forced" dark shadows ? (I believe they are created when building lights, and because of light maps, but I can't figure out how to customize them).