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9 game ready cars for sell (only one time)

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    9 game ready cars for sell (only one time)

    Hi Dears ,

    At first , i'm sorry if i post in wrong section , i didnt find anywhere else in forum to post it.

    We made 3 Lowpoly car models for an ios game , but we canceled our project , now we are going to sell them together only one time to one person with all license , its mean everyone buy this models can use them is his game or anywhere else, or he can sell them hundred times to others and etc ..

    Car names:
    Range rover evoque coupe , Land rover defender 90 wagon staition, Land rover pickup 110.

    Models info:

    Tris count: 3000_4300

    Diffuse+Ao Map : 2048*2048

    Normal map : 2048*2048

    Budy color: White , but all models have multi material (3 material), so you can change body color easily and any other color that are constant will keep constat without any change.

    Delivery format : 3ds max , PNG for diff and normal map.

    Some Pictures:

    PLease Contact us Only via email , also please offer your price for this pack.
    (Payment method: western union)


    Thank you.