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Unreal Engine ( UDK ) Shadow Blending Method

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    Unreal Engine ( UDK ) Shadow Blending Method

    I'm a Unity3D User In Rendering , Light and Shader And I Used UDK and Unreal Engine 4.
    In Unity we have nice tools for lighting but one thing makes a problem .
    In UDK and Unreal Engine I saw Dynamic Shadows And Static Shadows blend together perfectly !
    I can't understand what is unreal method .

    - It just bake Skylight and GI with lightmass and direct light are dynamic ?
    - It makes a mask from shadows and multiply it with Real time shadows and next mask it on lights ?
    - I could make it in unity just for direct light and I feel my way is wrong .
    - How UDK blend Lightmaps shader with Dynamic Shaders ? Make A ID for every light ?

    This is really big challenge for us , Please some one explain it for me .

    Thank You .