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    Blurry Textures

    Hi all, I'm new to UDK and Game Design in general but have found the information on these forums invaluable. Thanks to all.

    I've just created my first basic model and textured in Photoshop and then ran it through CrazyBump. Sadly, when importing the material in to UDK I'm getting really low resolution texturing. Please see screenshot below:

    My texture file is 2048 x 2048 and it renders fine in 3DS Max.

    Here is my texture file:

    I've tried playing with LOD Bias settings, but can't seem to make it look any better. Any suggestions on where I should look please?


    Lod bias is to make the texture smaller.If set to 0 its gona go full resolution.Try to see if you have some strange compression setting turned on.I supose you are using normal map too.For normal maps the compression shoud be tc_normal map.Specular is too high.Try to desactivate it temporary and see it better.In the material editor do you have the texture looking nice ore is it blury too?If it is something is wrong with the compression.Experiment and try all the options.


      Thanks guys. Am going back to basics and going to work with simple models and textures to begin with and get them right before anything else. Hopefully I've just done something stupid along the way.

      I have a feeling it is actually the texture itself but will post back here if I have any further problems. Appreciate the responses.