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    Tutorial Videos and UDK help

    Started learning UDK today and I'm taking full use of the UDK tutorial videos. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have some of the preset maps that are displayed in the videos such as DM-Sanctuary. I realize I have a newer version of UDK and that is most likely the issue. What year and month beta download should I be looking for to find the closest synced match for the videos? I think the videos are close to 2010? Yet, the downloads only go back to 2012 I believe.

    Someone else may be able to answer your core question. But I feel strongly I should advise you against doing this, even though I know its tempting. Getting the pairing right is tricky for starters, especially with a lot of the more experienced members of the forums having left for UE4. But also, you risk having to deal with bugs that have already been solved, and sanctuary is a very old map!...

    I would do it in reverse, take the latest tutorials with the latest demos... Many of the forum members have their own tutorials such as Fighter, Geodav, Tegleg etc... A cautionary tale: I started out watching a top down shooter tutorial and couldn't understand why the score wasn't updating. I wasted lots of time assuming it was to do with having a newer build, when actually it was to do with game type (Draw-Text & utgame). If I had searched the forums instead I would have found out sooner....

    All that said, one of the downsides of watching lots of tutorials is that they can come across as very disparate, and not joined up enough, as you try to learn all the building blocks necessary to assemble your own game. Or worse, you learn someone else's framework for designing games and can't break out of it. So I would start out by building a level based on your own idea, and as you need to learn a particular skill go and hunt down that tutorial.

    Last thought and obvious point maybe, but if you learned UE4 instead, you'd have none of these concerns and you'd be learning the latest technology...