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UDK water flood

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    UDK water flood

    I want to build a destructible dam(use apex physXlab) filled with water, and when the dam is destroyed, there is a water flood. (Even more, the flood will deal damage to other objects...)
    I have spent few days viewing articles about "water" or "dynamic water" etc., but most of them is about water material that can interact with players.

    I think the fluid particle like this can do the water flow(when the dam is destroyed)
    but if I want to do a large scale water flow, I don't think it can handle so much particles.

    this is the BF4 gameplay, and is the effect that I want to achieve if possible.

    Can anyone tell me how to do this, or the keywords of other articles that will solve my problem? thanks a lot.

    Its an interesting question, I haven't used (Apex physXlab) much, just for mesh fracturing, so I can't help with the fluid flow although the demos on Youtube confirm its definitely possible. But the flood needs to expand and flow everywhere and impart forces on actors and push them about to 'sell' the effect. And that's not something I've seen in a demo yet... So unless PhysX has that built-in you will also need to animate the 'flood effects' via matinee or set actor location or 'nudging' kactors with an invisible Mover or Dynamic Volume that collides with them to 'sell' the effect, and this will probably be a separate step to the water flow...