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Crowd Agents in multiplayer - Client

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    Crowd Agents in multiplayer - Client

    I've found that my crowd agents can't be seen in MP from the client.

    Any ideas as to why, I just did a simple test where after a level loads I spawn the agents and from the listen server they can be seen but when I open from localhost (client) that are not there.

    Is there something I need to tick somewhere or is it fundamental that crowds don't work in MP environments?

    I tested this using the default agents ....

    Just realised I posted this in the wrong place

    Been doing more searching and found this link ... the word ****** springs to mind!

    At least I know I'm not the only one who has had this issue.


      This line from his profile springs to mind:

      ........"Duppre has not made any friends yet"

      ****. I assumed as with Matinee etc they were auto-replicated. Please include some more detail:

      1. PC or Mobile?
      2. Game-Type?
      3. UDK build?

      I'll be needing this feature too in the not-too-distant future, but I don't have time to test today. I'll get back to you later this week and confirm if I'm seeing the same problem. If I forget PM me.

      BTW: Its not easy to get answers to crowds questions on here. Not sure why, is it that they're buggy and so people stay away from them, or is it that full Bots are being used instead despite the overhead...


        Have been keeping it simple once I found I had a problem by trying to test with the default crowd Kismet UT Crowd Spawner and also with the mobile spawn with both using the default crowd skel mesh in the agent archetype, also tried the ironguard male.

        The weird thing is I was sure a few days ago I was doing testing where it worked but then it stopped working. Am not sure now whether it was my imagination or not, cause as anybody who has done MP testing knows its a pain in the backside using frontend (at least UE4 has simplified that process somewhat).

        The game is a PC UDK game, on July 2012 build.

        My game is also using alot of Bots which each player control, however I need the crowd to do things which would just kill a networked game.