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    kickstarter/indiegogo question

    Hello again I have a question

    im possibly making a kickstarter for my game

    I have a version of the game that is playable meaning there are no bugs or any actual issues.
    but why I ask this question is what does a good kickstarter demo look like

    mine has
    no bugs/issues
    a fair amount of levels
    UI scenes/Dialogue scenes
    custom HUD
    fightable enemies
    a tutorial
    NVIDIA Physx sequences(you can blow stuff up)

    the only problem I really have is the enemies are too easy
    and I have tried
    max health
    OP weapons
    limiting ammo amount
    weakening the weapons

    would this problem be acceptable in a demo obviously not in the final game

    People probably wouldn't notice in a video how good the AI is.