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very strange camera/mesh issue help?

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    very strange camera/mesh issue help? so you can see that the mesh is being moved relative to the camera, but it should stand in one place (where the note is) , this seems to have happened recently while and randomly, i came back to this project about a month after it was almost finished to find this bug, i'm not sure whats causing it, but anyone have any ideas? its driving me mad!.

    EDIT: so i tested on a crappy laptop with intel 4 series GPU, and the issue went away, so it must be nvidia drivers abover 335. **** it!

    EDIT 2 : so after more testing, i cant confirm its the nvidia drivers exactly as i was only able to test in a VM as well as the laptop and my pc, but changing the render to DX 11 solved the issue. so maybe its either dx9 in UDK is somehow broken with latest nvidia drivers? or something else maybe?