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Questions about using UDK for commercial use

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    Questions about using UDK for commercial use

    Hello UDK Team, or other forum members,
    How are you?

    I am a part of a team using UDK for our game. I have read the UDK Commercial Licensing Terms. we want to release it as a commercial game. The players will need to buy it.
    But first, I have some questions for you guys. I did send this questions to the UDK team email, but had no response for a month now.

    1) Do we need to sign a commercial contract?
    2) How do we pay Epic Games the revenue? There is someone following our revenue from their side? or they just trust the developers and publishers to pay you what they need?
    3) We may want to start a Kickstarter campaign. Do I need to know something about this? (License related) I mean, does it count for revenue and are you taking a share of it?
    4) We may want to publish the game as an Early Access. How does that comply with the licensing? Still counts for revenue? Is there anything we may need to know if we wish to go into Early Access?
    5) Can you please explain to me how the Full Commercial License works? Does it affect how much of the share you get? Does it stay the same? What is the meaning of having a Full Commercial License opposed to having a normal UDK Commercial License?

    Thank you very much and have a great week

    Read this :


      As i said in the main thread, I did read those Q&A.

      I asked questions which doesn't appear in the link you gave to me


        1) Yes.
        2) You can through a direct wire transfer. I am sure Epic has other ways as well. You are binded through a contract (a legal document) to pay.
        3) I believe it has been stated that Kickstarter funds are included as revenue.
        4) Early access would count as revenue.
        5) Full commercial license would give you access to the engine if you wanted it.