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    Getting started with Game Design and Development

    Hello everyone, I have recently started to use UDK, Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, and Zbrush4R6 a few months ago. I still need major help with Zbrush and the Autodesk products but with UDK. I'm okay with designing and functioning with Kismet and matinee. However, I have a game idea that I have already wrote down on paper, and when I'm done with high school, I'll be ready to get started with this game idea. I haven't planned out the map, but I did plan out a well done (can be better) story development, and character development. Including some cinematic events in which it's going to be weird at first but it'll make sense towards the end.

    All in all, I am asking for a few people if they can help me get started with what to exactly do after I finished my stage of writing everything down on paper, I wrote down everything I can think of towards that character, and the story as well. The next thing I should probably do is come up with a map of the entire game because it is a open world game in which I'm currently learning how to use level streaming process when it comes to events like open world.

    I would recommend you to start creating the meshes and planning the map (e.g where should the levels be streamed, where should be the important places,...)


      Try to look at some example Game Development Documents, and then try to write one on your own.


        So here's the thing, I have no idea how to use the software outside of UDK. I don't know how to apply materials and collisions to static meshes and skeletal meshes. But I do know how to edit a sphere and other shapes. But I'm clueless on the advance techniques when it comes to animation. Most likely I'll probably look up multiple videos on how to use maya for this stuff.


          These are pretty basic things. If the modeling and animation aspects are getting in the way, you should be prototyping with placeholders. Things don't need to be pretty in order to know that you have a fun and functional game.


            Hey ljones6487, here are some tutorials to get you started on different things. Hope all goes well with your game! =D

            3ds Max

            - The Ultimate Collection Of 3DS Max Tutorials
            - 3ds Max Tutorials by thenewboston


            - UDK Tutorials by thenewboston
            - UDK World of Level Design Tutorials
            - Unreal Developers Network Doccumentation


            - 100+ Maya 3D Tutorials For Beginners, Intermediate And Advanced Users
            - Autodesk Maya Modeling Tutorial for Beginners
            - The World of Level Design Maya Tutorials


            - ZBrush Beginners 10 Part Tutorial Series
            - ZClassroom (very good tutorials)


            ALSO, in case you didn't know, students such as yourself can acquire most Autodesk software (be it 3ds max, Maya etc.) for FREE! Of course, you have to be a student, and you're not allowed the use the software for commercial purposes without a full licence... which costs an arm and a leg. :P

            Autodesk also has software very similar to ZBrush, called Mudbox. You can get that for free too. I'd try having a go at both first, see which you prefer.

            Good luck in the future!


              With your purchase of Maya, Max, and ZBrush you will have access to the supplied reference manual plus there are video tutorials right on their websites.
              Depending on which Max and Maya edition you purchased they may include additional downloads and technical materials when you log into the user portal with your license information.