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    Sharing Knowledge Recruitment

    Hello UDK community,

    I'm a novice in UDK, though I have been playing around for 2 - 3 weeks now. I get used to it but I still have a lot of questions that come randomly. I'd like to create a small team of other novice or advanced users to share knowledge. I've made 2 levels for UDK sadly one of them I lost in PC reinstall. I'm using 3ds Max for 3d modelling and few other programs. Also I am a programmer in C#, Javascript and PHP and I'd like to learn UnrealScript. So anyone who is interested in this add me on skype: uadmin1, send a PM or a mail at:

    Here is one of my levels:

    It's old picture but I have made it slightly better.

    And this is the gun:

    Not the best one but...

    Best regards,

    I also just started in October with the UDK and always have questions .created about 8 playable levels and several terrain maps and yea I'll join your group. looking to get first game licensed and deployed in about 6 months