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    what does this mean

    Build configuration

    You'll most certainly want to use either the Release or ShippingDebugConsole (LTCG) build configuration while testing performance. ShippingDebugConsole provides performance numbers close to that of a shipping title, however certain performance metrics and debugging features (such as Stats capturing) may not be available. With some minor tweaking, Release builds are satisfactory for performance and memory testing, as long as you're looking at results relatively.

    Note that if you'll be testing with a Release build, you should turn off any extraneous logging by either suppressing it with commands or #ifdef'ing it out at compilation time. For example, "suppress AILog" might turn off game-specific AI logging that would slow down C++ and script routines.

    ive searched for "build configuration" and "ShippingDebugConsole" and found nothing useful. I dont know if this is something set in the editor, in an .ini file, or in the frontend

    It's not something you need to worry about and applies only to those with access to native code. You already have a release build in UDK.