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UDK Alternatives For Over 64 Players Per Server

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    UDK Alternatives For Over 64 Players Per Server


    My friends and I are starting a small project, and we were wondering if there are any good alternatives for UDK that can handle 250+ people per server. Unity doesnt really serve what we need and the pipeline is too messy, UDK obviously cant handle more than 64 players, otherwise it would be perfect, and CryEngine is too much for us to take on, and I dont think its netcode can handle 250+ people.

    Are there any alternatives out there right now that wouldnt be too difficult to transition from UDK to and can handle our needs while still retaining the graphical fidelity and tools of Unreal? Or should we just wait around for the release of the dev kit for Unreal Engine 4?


    I doubt you'll find an out of the box engine with a server solution that handles hundreds of players. You'd have to buy one then integrate it with your project. 250 players in one space is an inordinate amount of bandwidth.