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scale in UDK.

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    scale in UDK.

    I read somewhere that 1 UDK unit is equivalent to 2 centimeters. Which would mean a 6'6" tall character would be roughly 200 cm or 100 UDK units, correct?
    I made a door that is 216 centemeters (108 udk units and a little over 7 feet tall) and it in the playable preview in UDK it looks like I'll bump my head
    I want 10 feet from floor to ceiling, which is roughly 304 cm or 150~ udk units...but it looks so small when I play it???

    Whats the actual scale factor and why does the player feel so tall compared to the static skeletal mesh?

    That's based on the UT game type, while the UDK game type pawn is probably slightly larger.

    You can design to your own scale as long as it's within reasonable limits. There are endless threads about it.


      Things like doorways always look off even if created at real world scaling.
      A standard NA entrance door (80" x 32") will look correct at a distance but up close it will look like a standard NA closet door (72" x 24").
      This is due to the way that the camera in video game engines works.
      Launch pretty much any FPS and rotate the camera around and you can easily notice the fisheye and distortion.
      ARMA III is a good example of a current game that shows this issue with doorways (good from a distance - bad up close).
      This is why previous games like UTx, Doom, FEAR, etc. used very large doorways or industrial buildings with industrial size entrances so that it was less noticeable.

      If you are going to try creating buildings and objects in real world scale, you will have to fudge with the camera eye-height and FOV etc., or everything will look wrong up close.