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Please help! Bottleneck in our pipeline! (server related Kismet issue)

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    Please help! Bottleneck in our pipeline! (server related Kismet issue)

    I made a VIDEO explaining our server issue.

    Basically, once I start a server game, all player related functions in Kismet go null. Nothing gets attached to the character, and the player inputs from the mouse no longer work.

    I find it very strange that my game works until it's class is being referenced when I setup the server. Is it because the game type isn't being defined and the server doesn't know when to start? Because I do have the items attach when the level is loaded... but I don't know if that would be he cause. If it were, would simply putting a DM- in front do the trick? Or would I have to also reference the UTDeathmatch class within my custom class?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help us get past this frustrating point in development of our game,

    -David Breen

    Thinking about it some more... do I even have to define a game type? Or can I leave that part out completely and just define the name of my level in the command line? Because I think that is what's fouling it up.