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How to size materials for imported .fbx, .3ds etc. files?

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    How to size materials for imported .fbx, .3ds etc. files?

    Issue: I am not able to set a size of a material to a face of a static mesh which was modelled outside UDK.
    (Normally This would be working when you are going to use the UDK-BrushBuilder.
    Pressing F5 after selected a face, you would get to the the operations for sizing your material up or down on both axis)

    What I am able to: I am only able to create a texture which is fitting with the UV layout and get it on some of the UVLayers.
    (When you double-click the imported static mesh you will be able to do so)

    But in my case a picture this would be very bad, because of three reasons.

    Link to my mesh:

    1.Reason: The mesh which i want to import is a skyscraperlike building.
    If I would now add a texture to the UV-channel, than this imported texture would be bigger than 8192x8192 pixels,
    also creating a unique UV-Texture for this building would cost too much time and effort for only creating one mesh texture,
    which is fitting to the UV-Layout of the building.

    2.Reason: I created the mesh in google scetchup (freeware version),
    this software is just the very best I could find when it comes to comfortable usage in measurements and house-modelling
    in contrast to the UDK-BrushBuilder.
    From my point of view the UDK-BrushBuilder isn't near the comfortability of scetchup or any other software, like Blender, Maya, 3dsMax .

    3.Reason: Editing a skyscraper mesh in UDK is possible but when it comes to a more detailed building with rooms,
    stairs and ofcourse windows, the UDK-BrushBuilder isn't enough to work with because there aren't so many tools which are usually enhancing the time of creation.

    (Please correct me if I am wrong)

    Question: Is there a way to add a material to seperate faces of the building, without remakeing it in UDK.
    I want to get these properties.
    If it is not possible to do so, could you suggest me a better way how to implement a building like mine?

    Nice regards from Ernestas, saying THANKS in forward.

    You can tile a texture on a static mesh by making use of the TextureCoordinate-Node inside its material. There you can set the parameters for horizontal and vertical tiling. Just plug in the Node in the UV of your texture sample.


      Sorry, I forgot to say that I already know this but it isn't a real solution for a good workflow when it comes to adding materials to meshes. What is your suggestion where to create skyscrapers with rooms and windows either, in UDK or outside UDK?


        Tiling is perfectly acceptable and is the same kind of workflow they would use in film, visualisation and such - the issue is your workflow outside of UDK and inside your 3d program. Break the structure down into real world materials and build a discrete material for each that can tile happily, and apply it to the relevant sections of the mesh. You don't need a unique pixel for every part of the visible geometry.


          Yes, it is the workflow inside scetchup, i wasn't knowing that it is possible to scale the materials inside scetchup and that the scales of them would be safed in the exported model.

          I am now able to preview the size of the materials in scetchup.
          Thanks for the replies !