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UDK Static Mesh Import problem

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    UDK Static Mesh Import problem

    Hi guys,I'm trying to import some meshes that I downloaded from the Internet.Now I'm trying to import a WW2 Panzer VII King Tiger tank in UDK from 3DS Max.The downloaded file was originally a .skp format(Sketchup v.6.0),but then I exported it as a 3ds file and loaded in 3DS Max and exported it in FBX to import in UDK.Now when I import it in the engine,It always says me that the vertex count is exceeding the limit of 65 k.In 3ds max the original model has 444k verticies,I tried cutting their number to 50 %(222 k) and to 25%(111k).When I do lower the gun disappears,some of the chain disappears from the tank.I really want to rig this one and put it in game but,UDK Import always says me that it exceeds its vertex limit.Can you help me out to import it correctly,so I can rig it and put it in use?Is there a way to skip through this limit or I'll need to rewrite the engine?

    Mesh retopology is the art of reworking the surface structure to fit a lower polycount, amongst other reasons. There is no simple one-click solution that gives perfect results, as you've discovered. You either need an artist to rework the mesh for you, or to follow some retopology tutorials and learn the basic practice to do it yourself.

    Additionally you can break the mesh down into a set of smaller meshes, such as turret, body and tracks. You also need to control the smoothing groups and prevent too many UV seams from generating more vertices than necessary. This will require baking out a normal map.

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    Is there a way to skip through this limit or I'll need to rewrite the engine?
    Lol. Just lol....