Hey people,

First of all, i have to say, i did a lot of research on this forum and google but nothing clear has come except that post. But nothing was really helpfull.

I m trying to run a UDK server on a windows server 2008 web R2 without SM3.
The server launch seems to be odd.
It launch, compile my scripts and then spend 5 minutes to compile the shaders EVERYTIME i have to launch the server.

Log: Missing cached shader map for material XXXXXXXX , quality 0, compiling.
I have this message shown about a thousands time before the server finally runs.
That wouldn t be a big deal if only i could join the game but unfortunatly it don t !!

When the client tries to join the server it try to connect but nothing happen.
I am certain that UPK and .U files are the same on both server and client and I am pretty sure that comes fromt the permanent compiling of shaders of the server.

I need to solve that problem as soon as possible since it delay the alpha launch of our game !
I can give 1 alpha key for the people who will save me from that !!!!

Thanks for your time !