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    UDK Release Frequency

    In the last UDK release there were just a handful of critical fixes that Epic felt needed to get released in a hurry but I noticed it has been very quiet on the release front.

    In 2011 there was a release every month.

    In 2012 there was a release at least every 2 months by average.

    In 2013 there have been 2 releases.

    It was stated in some release that it has been quiet to do a lot of work going on and it was a leading statement as to it being another UDK release. I am curious what the slow-down really means.

    Os this a good thing or a bad thing? What is happening behind the scenes and what, if anything at all, can be said about the UDK project - in its current form - going forward?

    I am not looking for opinions or theories or really extravagant guesses...I am genuinely curious and someone in the in-house community should be able to answer this to some degree. I have read a lot of posts, a lot just today, about features or things that are broken or unpolished and there are features that seem to be holding many back on their projects. So I figured I would ask. If there is no answer to be had so be it - but it never hurts to ask.


    The simplest explanation is, that they are probably working on a UDK version of the UE4


      UDK 4
      Yes please


        And 2013 Release 2 was just bugfixes.
        Big problem (at least for us) is that Epic does it the same way CryTek (and maybe UnityTech, dunno) does it:
        When there's a release they might tell you a few days before. And if not, they won't tell you ANYTHING.
        That's a bit disapppointing but at least we got a rather great UDK 3 and hope that Epic's really working on UDK4.