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Volume Ducking! How?

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    Volume Ducking! How?

    Hey all!

    As the title suggest I need to find out how to make certain sounds decrease in volume when a specific sound is played. I know that this can be done through Kismet, but, as I understand it Kismet can only trigger SoundModes through triggerEvents, so this is really good when you need this done on a cinematic sequence. But, on the project that me and my team are working on, this needs to be done in gameplay. There´s an Announcer voice that´s allways giving you, the player, feedback on whats going on so it is imperative that you hear these things through all the music and sfx already playing.

    I understand that you can do this effect by scripting, but I'm no real programmer.... yet so it´s nothing I can figure out on myself, and the other programmers in my team have other things to think about.

    I believe that this particular effect must be a somewhat standard way to highlight different sounds so it must therefore be several different ways to do this.

    My idea was that if you could somehow use a SoundGroup as a trigger in Kismet. So that when a sound from this SoundGroup is played, a SoundMode is triggered and makes the desired effect. But, I don't find any way to do this.

    Any response, preferably helping ones, is really appreciated

    Oh, I´m not working in Fmod or Wwise or any other Audio middle ware.



    I'm not aware of a way to achieve this. I looked around a bit and couldn't get it to work without code or script. Perhaps make the announcer louder? Maybe someone else can chime in with a way to get it!


      How is the announcer triggered throughout the game? I would find out how the announcer triggers, whether by trigger volume or some other event in-game, and link Set Soundmode to those triggers in the map. Then when the announcer is done (probably by timing the dialogue and setting a delay) link to the stop node on the Set Soundmode.


        I assume you've read the docs on volume ducking.


          Thanks for response.

          The announcer is triggered in script. So when a particular event, like somebody scores, happens the script calls for the set soundcue.

          Hmm. Is it possible that you can, in script, trigger the SounMode at the same time you play the soundcue. So, event happens, soundcue is triggered, and soundcue triggers the soundmode? It sounds logical
          Almost all sound, except for ambiences and such, are triggered through script. So it seems I have to learn coding

          Thanks again for the quick replies!

          Oh, and I have read the docs on volume ducking.


            Finally made it!

            What we did was that we made a Console event for the sound that we wanted to be "master". And different functions calls for different sounds in the script, so in every function we must make console events equal the amount of SoundCues I want set as "master", which is kind of a bore, but it works.

            Then in kismet I take a console event node, connect it to a Matinee. In the matinee I create an event that's as long as the SoundCue, create a KeyFrame name. Then just connect SoundMode nodes to each output of the matinee, one for "keyframe" name and the default SoundMode to "Complete" so that when the the matinee ends the sound goes back to normal.

            I know.... this is far from the best solution, and takes some time setting up. But if you just gonna do this to some sounds, it could be worth it. As a sound designer, working in udk, this gave me a little more freedom to play around with the volumes of sounds, and really highlight sounds that needs to be heard.

            Again, thanks for the help! And I hope somebody else learned something from this, and takes it to good use