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Houdini Engine and Poll for cominG to UDK!

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    Houdini Engine and Poll for cominG to UDK!


    i see in this page:
    the news of developers of Houdini want to create and publish a plugin for other 3d programs
    in Interesting tip in this list is UDK !!!
    all think i know about this engine is few picture and demo .
    anyone can give me more detail?

    Houdini has always been known for its strength in the special fx industry, ie film, it is interesting to see that they are trying to branch out into games. I don't really see any point trying to bring it to current gen UDK, but UE4 on the other hand could be good. As far as I know Houdini is a very expensive system though, I doubt it is something most indies would have to worry about playing with.