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updating UDK

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    updating UDK

    So, a new version came out, how do I override the older edition?

    I have some custom content that isn't part of the UDK package. But when I just installed the newer edition, it just made it's own folder.

    I do want the newer version, but I'm not sure how I can keep all my stuff (well, I can keep it)

    Do I just move highlight the older folder and move it on into the newer one? Or is that a bad idea?

    1. You could either deinstall the old udk (but make sure that you just deinstall the udk stuff, not your own one -> you can choose that when you deinstall something) and then you can install the new one into the old folder
    2. Or you could install the new UDK into a new folder, and then just put your own stuff into the new folder


      I think my main the...well, can't find it. I remember that UDK had this thing you could download and you had to edit 1 of the files to make it work.

      Oh, the DefultEngine doc, were the add-on adds the ModEditPackages=PhysXMod

      What you do about documentation like that?