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why is it a huge secert

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    Well, thanks for the link, that was most helpful...then emailing the Unreal Engine people


      You'd have to contact Sony first about getting a license to develop for their console. The deal you're referring to only means you don't have to go through a publisher to get to Sony. You still have to pay Sony for a license fee and developer hardware. And they don't accept everyone, you have to either have a relationship with them already or have a game pretty much made already. They have to maintain a quality level so they don't allow just any game to release on the console.
      As for Epic, they won't sell you a license to use their engine to develop for the PS4 unless you already have a license from Sony, since it's useless otherwise.


        Originally posted by Vata Raven View Post
        There it is, that what EVERYONE says. Ok, what's the process? That's what I need to know and whenever I ask this, everyone just says the same thing and doesn't go into detail.
        And from the info I and everyone else apparently had told you before. It should have been obvious you would contact the hardware developers.