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Turn Based Strategy?

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    Turn Based Strategy?

    How could I make a turn based strategy game such as xCom: Enemy Unknown (which also uses the UE3) ?

    Are there any Tutorials, videos or websites explaining how?


    It is possible, although, there no real 'answer' to a question like this. I'm not sure how famliar you are with UDK, so i'll treat you as a complete beginner. =)

    The reason I say there is no real answer to this question, is because there are a LOT of things needed to make a turn based game, just like any game in UDK. You'll need to script all of the gameplay, cameras, and events, while creating all of the levels. Particle effects, materials, textures, and other effects will have to be created. You'll have to create the objects in the level in a separate program, and create all of your characters, all of which must have animations. Sure, there's stuff provided in UDK, but they're not very good if you want to really make the game your own. If your working on this on your own, this will take a very long time.

    I'm more of an artist in UDK myself, and it takes me about a month to achieve an environment that i'm satisfied with. I've been using UDK for about 2 years now, and I couldn't make a turn based game (mainly due to my extremely limited programming experience, lol =P). Maybe I would be able to if I take the time to learn programming, but again, that would take a long time. There aren't any videos explaining how to make this game, but there are videos teaching level design, unrealscript, and all aspects of UDK. If I were you, i'd first train myself heavily, before I attempted a turn based game. Hope I could help a little. =)


      Both of you, get the book Unreal Development Kit Programming with unrealscript: Beginner's guide. It teached programming to many people her (including me). it starts at absolute basics, so it's really all what you need to learn programming, before you can understand others code, and learn that way.


        I've been keeping my eye on that book for a while now. The reviews are very positive, so after my current projects is finished, I think i'll buy it and finally take the time to learn programing. ^_^


          Just learn it step by step.
          It took me ~7 months to go from complete UnrealScript newbie to being able to make a prototype of simplified XCOM clone - with two game layers, base/squad management, equipment/inventory, various abilities, destructible cover, custom pathfinding/vision/AI and more. So it's definitely doable (I cannot promise you will make a full game, obviously - huge scope and all that).

          Learning basics of UnrealScript would be a nice start. I mostly used UDN (UnrealScript Reference), and when stuff didn't work it was forum search and help of wise (and luckily patient) guys from UDKC IRC.
          Very good way to learn is to become a junior programmer in someone's decent project - they get your help (or better, your existing skills like art), and you get code samples to research + a mentor to explain it.
          Also you might want to check out excellent UDK Gems (Camera, MOBA, RTS etc). Some of them have bits and solutions you might find useful for a game of this type.

          Good luck!