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Official first unreal engine livestream!

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    Official first unreal engine livestream!

    Hey everyone!

    Today, we're proud to bring you our very first livestream for Unreal Engine! Topic today is: UDK: An Introduction to Level Streaming, hosted by our own Zak Parrish.

    We may run into technical issues here and there, but we want to give you guys a great experience and hopefully do more of this type of content in the future, so join in and give us your thoughts! We're excited to see what you think, what we can do better, and hopefully make this a part of our regular rotation! We know that this is on short notice, so don't worry if you can't make it. It's your opportunity to be in on something that's still a little rush and help make us better!

    Check us out at

    -Stream will start in roughly 10 minutes!

    So far, this is pretty excellent and I am learning quite a bit about level streaming. For those new to UDK like myself, it is definitely helpful. Zak is doing a very good job at explaining and keeping things simple. It is also great to hear that these will be posted on youtube for easy access later.

    I personally come from the Quake 3 Engine, so optimizing brushes is different from newer mesh based levels, occlusion culling, etc, so I wouldn't mind seeing some things about optimization of a level.

    Some people in the stream noted that they would have liked to see things about more complex materials, specifically seeing some that EPIC has used in their games. I wouldn't mind seeing that as well.

    Thanks for this guys!


      Hey there,

      First of all superb stream very good for an first time.
      I really enjoyed it, here i have a few questions and tips and more stuff...

      1. Can you show the editor settings at the beginning of the stream?
      2. Can you show/tell the skill level of the information that is being told and streamed?
      3. Can you show yourself more, for example in the bottom right corner (the most work is done in the bottom left)
      4. Can you introduce yourself and tell what your position is (i.e. Level designer, programmer etc)
      5. Can you or other hosts, make specialized streams? (i.e. Level building, Scripting, kismet texture/coding/triggers.)
      6. Tip: I love the 3Dbuzz tutorials, but they are very outdated, maybe you or he can make new ones which are up to date.
      7. Can you call extra attention to tips and trucs? (Maybe make compilation of them for YouTube/live streams.
      8. Get more attention to the forums by having more Devs post on it, and creating topics after every stream.



        Thanks for all the feedback, and those of you who haven't yet given any should JUMP IN!!

        That was a lot of fun! I really appreciate folks showing up. I know the notice was very short, but this was really more of a technical test than anything else. Mostly to make sure that I wouldn't just sit down and start playing Borderlands 2 or something.

        Of course we're open to hearing about the topics you folks would like to see. We'll get overall skill level information out as soon as we can, likely with the announcement. The tips/tricks thing? That's good feedback, but the only catch is that those things are often fluid, meaning that I'm working, I do something (sometimes something stupid) and I recall a trick to un-stupidify it. But yes, I'll try to call them out when I can.

        These are going to ramp up over time. What happened today was sort of like when a mysterious and benevolent cloud-distributed AI has just become self aware and tests its powers by opening and closing Notepad on your computer. It's not much; in fact, most people don't even notice it. But it shows potential. From there, it winds up growing to a dominant force that takes over the world.

        *It's entirely possible that that simile went a bit far. Apologies, these live streams always hype me up. Unreal is just so awesome!!


          Well but after a few streams (or alot) why not make a compilation of all the tips and tricks used.
          And give it sections in the video, like level design tips, coding tips etc.
          For example the copy paste kismet was an brilliant tip, i always tell that to everyone
          It helped and saved me many many times.

          looking forward to the next stream!


            nice job zak... live stream can be very daunting ( i use to frequent JTV awhile back), were you watching the chat board? it didn't seem so (i just kinda hopped and skipped thru the video)... this is quite the undertaking, you do realize that there are about a hundred billion billion gazillion possible topics...


              Originally posted by northstar View Post
              nice job zak... live stream can be very daunting ( i use to frequent JTV awhile back), were you watching the chat board? it didn't seem so (i just kinda hopped and skipped thru the video)... this is quite the undertaking, you do realize that there are about a hundred billion billion gazillion possible topics...
              A billion billion gazillion is right! That's why we need you guys to tell us what you'd love to see more of! We're planning another stream in the next few weeks of a longer duration, and want to know what key content is most valuable to you!

              As far as the chat, this time we had someone else manning it and answering questions while Zak continued on the full tutorial. If you left the video with additional questions about the topic, definitely post them here and we'll get them answered!


                How about doing a somewhat complicated cut-scene, and showing us how it was achieved in Matinee, the planning process and show all its ingredients (clips, sounds etc). I think that will be interesting to watch.


                  Missed the stream, so I watched the vod on Youtube. Good stuff! I would personally like to see some tutorials on skeletal meshes and animation in Unreal. Animation blending, physics, FaceFX, that kind of stuff. Anything else is fine too! I'm only beginner/intermediate level at this point, so I'll probably take away something useful from any future videos regardless of the subject you decide to cover. Thanks!


                    First of all, I just would like to Thank you Zak.

                    You did a great job, not only explaining the streaming level pipeline, but also showing us some techniques that are up to the designer.

                    So, I can't wait for the next Live, and also, would love to know a little more about the Unrealscript and Archetypes.

                    Thanks a lot for your help. That's why you are Epic.


                      Many thanks to Zak and the person looking after the chat (possibly Tina, but I'm terrible at remembering names, apologies if I'm wrong).

                      I've got no issue with how Zak presented the stream, apart from the audio issue which will be fixed I have absolutely no problems with the way this was presented.

                      One thing that I noticed going back to watch it is that you cannot view the chat log of the video on twitch. This brings problems when a question was answered that I would like to go back to see. Maybe you could have a overlay that shows the question and have the answer either from chat show afterwards or the presenter answering some questions from chat. You could still have someone else monitoring the chat and looking after that but pass on a couple of good questions to the presenter to help clarify some things that people asked in chat. Or alternatively you could copy the entire chat log and have it available to download later.

                      As stated above from MaceMadunusus regarding what I said in stream chat. What I would like to see in a future stream is the how's and why's of the more complex materials that Epic use, or have discovered but not practical on anything other than a beastly PC. Just nice little tips and tricks are always useful. And since I'm an artist anything art related (mainly environment art) will be of great help.

                      I also don't mind watching the beginner stuff as I'm sure there are some things that I missed out on being completely self taught. The nice little trick of copy pasting kismet into notepad was a good example of that. As I've discovered with the mass of awesome that is UDK, any knowledge is good knowledge.

                      Also something cool to have would be a live roundtable where a few guys can answer the community's questions both questions from the forum/twitter/Facebook/Google+/(other platforms) and live questions. Although I'm pretty sure that most of the questions would be regarding how awesome UE4 is and when we can get our dirty hands on it. Give Mark Rein a reason to jump in front of another camera, he's always a great guy.


                        Epic and Zak,
                        Thanks for doing the first Unreal Engine live streaming demo! While I wasn't able to watch the show live I did learn a bunch of new tips and tricks in doing level streaming. I did have to laugh because earlier this week my copy of "Mastering Unreal II" arrived from Amazon written in part by Zak Parrish. So it was very cool for me to see you in person Zak! So, you ask, why did it take so long for me to buy the book? Well, it seems that someone bought the copy that I was reading at my local bookshop! So now I am a legal owner of the book!

                        If your looking for ideas for future videos, I would love to see a demo on making realistic looking landscape materials. I am sure that there are a bunch of cool tricks that you have up your sleeve on this topic so why not do a demo on it?


                          missed this completely, is there anywhere else to watch the video as there seems to be an audio problem on twitch

                          ok found it on yuutube


                            i would say (imho)... that it might depend on your vision (as far as content)

                            UDK 3 is almost at it's finial release and UDK 4 is getting closer to release. will you have one stream for U3 and one for U4... if there will be only one stream, then you may end up (way down the road), with episodes that are now completely irrelevent to U4, i.e. Uscript or kismet...


                              This was great many thanks

                              I wish
                              - To see more videos in less periods.
                              - Unreal Material Editor is always one topic hard for me so I wish to see more on this topic.
                              - If possible to see also tips from professional working on other studios. it always great to learn from the masters.
                              - Maybe to see few contents from UE4 this will help us know what is coming even if it is not available as UDK yet.

                              Thanks again.