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Costume playable character and animation

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    i show in my blender tutorials how to export a character using the udk export tools (psk/psa) , you can use the fbx export but most likely you'll need to edit the script and then adjust the export options
    this thread might also help you as Smokey13 has done a lot of trials with blender

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  • started a topic Costume playable character and animation

    Costume playable character and animation

    I have been having trouble getting a character from blender 2.66.1 into UDK 2013 the animation plays but the mesh becomes distorted and manglled, but it will import fine in a feb 2012 model of UDK but more importantly i am also looking for a tutorial on creating a costume playable character and bots, the only ones i have found are using actor X but that is not used anymore so are there any tutorials for creating a UDK character and animating for UDK(useing FBX the psa/psk export hasent worked for me so well) also how to give it's animations to the controlles system giveing it the walk i make for it for exampleany help would be appreciated