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"Blend-Modular" decals with normals?

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    "Blend-Modular" decals with normals?

    Hi there Guys,

    i ran into a problem recently. I created a crack decal with Blend-Modulate settings. Which works as expected and exactly how i want it to work...But, since I have to set the lightmodel to MLM_Unlit no normal-map informations are shown. So, anyone got an idea how to create a decal which blends with the underlying texture like the blend-modular one and supports normalmaps?
    I've already searched on google and within the forum here, but i didn't find anything on this specific topic. So you are my only hope

    Thanks in advance.

    Greets Edregol

    So, i tried some things. First, blendmode "Translucent" works a bit better. But still, this is not what want it to be. I'm having a hard time to tweak the color of the decals diffuse to fit to the underlying texture. It is nearly impossible to make the decal blend into the texture below. Since the lighting is diffrent on several portions of the mesh, there is almost always a visible "seam" between the decal and the texture below.

    Another thing that came to my mind, why not use the "destination color" node. Guess what, it is "not allowed within decal shader networks".
    Well, i ran out of ideas. No one got the same problem?

    P.S.: The title of this thread should be called "Blend-Modulate". Maybe a Mod could change this?


    Cheers Edregol