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Server Performance Of Multiple Dedicated Servers Running On One Machine

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    Server Performance Of Multiple Dedicated Servers Running On One Machine

    My roommate and I have finally decided to start working on an IOS MOBA style game, and before we get too far into the project we want to figure out a rough estimate of UDK's server capabilities. Our initial release is going to have 3 players per game (3 vs AI) before we jump to 3v3 (and possibly 5v5 later on). Our budget is limited and investing in too many servers is not an option, thus we want to understand how much of a load our current infrastructure can support.

    Now that the introduction is out of the way, my main question is: How many dedicated UDK servers can concurrently run on one machine reliably. As I stated above, each server will need to handle 3 clients connecting. Assuming a standard beefy server, is it to much to ask having say 75-100 (225-300 users) servers running concurrently on a machine?

    We don't need exact figures, just rough estimates based on people who have worked with a similar scenario.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    The total number of server instances supported will relate more to how much RAM is available and how much data you are replicating, as the memory and network bandwidth will most likely be your limiting factors.
    So unless you are planning on running symmetrical fiber to the server your number of instances will be small.
    And assuming each server instance required 512MB, then 100 servers would require 50GB+ of RAM.

    Determine what each server footprint is for memory requirements, and determine how much data you are replicating for network bandwidth.