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    About License & Donations

    Hi everybody,

    I'm currently working on a game (we're a team of 2) and will soon launch a trailer alongside a website for the game.

    We will eventually purchase the 99$ license when we feel ready to sell the game, but untill then, i would like to accept donations from the website;

    It gets tricky here; the UDK license is needed if ANY income is made out of the game, but donations aren't litterally made "out of the game".

    - I make a game in UDK and sell it (i need a license) > I owe Epic some royalties on the revenue
    - I make a demo reel with UDK (i don't need a license), get a job because of that demo reel > I don't owe Epic royalties on my salary

    Donations seem to lay between those two; how can you tell if the donation directly concern the game? They could be donations for the team for exemple.

    That raises a subsequent question; do donations count for the first 50,000$?

    Anyways, we'll purchase the license no matter what, i was just wondering.


    It's always best to email them and make sure, but from previous discussions I believe they've said that donations count as income.