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Packaged Game Install - Shortcut to exe?

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    Packaged Game Install - Shortcut to exe?

    Not sure if Iam missing the obvious but when you use the Unreal Frontend tool to package your game how do you create a shortcut so whoever installs the game doesn't have to navigate to the binaries folder to click on udk.exe to play the game?

    When you install your .exe it already does create a shortcut--not on the desktop but in the start menu


      Well is it possible to configure the install manifest file (or any necessary file for building shortcuts) to include a desktop shortcut or perhaps even a My Documents User Mod directory?


        As Iam just starting to look into packaging in more detail, am not sure whether its better to use a different packaging tool then the Unreal front End, I can't see how to configure the tool to be game specific.

        I notice the EULA is not what you want installed when distributing the game as the agreement is not with Epic but with whoever is packaging the game and distributing it. So I need to replace that with my own, plus logos (which I've done but not the splash as required by license with Epic)

        For example in control panel when go to uninstall game it shows the game that was installed as having a publisher of Epic - how do I get my company's name there.

        Any Youtube vids ? I've searched but I guess this sort of stuff is not so common hence why searching does not show much in google or youtube.

        I could of experiment with Inno as a packaging tool but I suspect that may take some time to get the install correct.


          Unsetup.manifests.xml is where all the information about your game is stored
          There is also cookersync that can be used to package your game if you don't want to use unsetup


            Was looking at the wrong manifest, which explains my confusion.

            I think I've sorted it out now except one thing, I can't see where the Epic Games Inc is set for the publisher when you look in control panel under installed programs i.e. after you install the game package you create.

            I thought a file scan might show me except its in only 4000+ files in UDK's installation ...


              You can override the publisher in the XML file the same as adding a dx11 check to the installer
              If that does not work cookersync can package the game


                I updated the displayname, publisherdisplayname, rootname and fullname in the unsetup manifest but it doesn't effect the install properties e.g. right click the packaged exe and look at details, it says things like "copyright epic games", "Epic Install Package" and their version number . I think these are taken from the properties of the unsetup.exe. If a person is installing your game then the legal stuff is not with epic but you the developer/publisher.

                Also there's an image when you install the game which has the UDK logo and says Unreal Development Kit followed by the eula ( I can amend the eula) but can't find the image above the eula to replace (what I did find and replace did not effect it).

                I don't understand why this should be so difficult? Surely if you want to distribute a game you need to have your own legal content to replace the Epic stuff, yet best I can see this cannot be done with their packaging tool.

                With respect to Cookersync I cannot see any doco on it, only packaging doco by epic says use unreal frontend to create a package .... back to square 1

                Is there undocumented xml fields that can be added to the unsetp.manifests to over ride all this epic stuff?

                As I said earlier ... am I not seeing the obvious here? Me thinks the obvious is try and figure out an Inno or equivalent to create a package. Is this what other people do?

                Apologies but this is hacking me off and Iam rather frustrated .


                  Well unsetup is digitally signed to epic games to the information about the product will be from the cert
                  Yes the XML file can be use to configure unsetup for your game
                  Cooker sync is a command line application to copy's the files for the game to any location needed then can be packaged with custom installer or on DVD


                    Thanks for responding.

                    I've tried an installer that basically compresses an installed version of the game and then runs the prerequisites as the setup program. That works but its not good from the installers point of view as I need to work out in the custom installer how to run the prerequisites, copy the game files and then replace the prerequisites exe with a shortcut to udk.exe instead of running the prerequisite exe (i.e. the instyall thinks the prerquisite exe is the game not udk.exe).

                    BTW, I have renamed the UDK exes to my game so its more sensible for the player.

                    What I don't understand is why there are so few posts on this subject as I cannot see how anyone can use Epics Unreal Frontend to package a game. Therefore anyone who provides a package for their game must have to use a custom installer.

                    Iam using Inno but what other custom installers are people using ....


             a few games do use unsetup because it easy to use and make the game more reliable than a custom installer
                      But there are custom unsetup manifests that can allow the editor to work after installation for a mod sdk or including the 64bit version of the game