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Unreal 4, UDK is it going to happen any dates sorry if this has already been asked.

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    No information on WHEN it is happening, but more UE4 in Editor footage: and the usual 'we can't wait to bring this to the developers.'


      answer is "when it's done"

      same question = same answer


        My guess as most is that it'll be in the next couple years 2014/15. But apart from looking so good, UDK users might still have no access to engine, because what would full licensees gain? Then again Epic might change their licensing types, but thats a random guess.
        As for the engine, visually, it will be better, but that will also up the performance requirements.

        Agree with most comments. Just because there is a new version, does not mean that the current is 'useless'.
        And again, even now, there are games still running off UE2.

        All I'm hoping for is that they still support the current UDK and that the full license for it will be a bit cheaper.


          Theres more engine versions between the UT3 version of UE3 and the current UDK then there is between UT2004 and UT3! I think some people miss that when they complain about not having the 'new' version, theres plenty of UDK based titles running older than the most current and they look gorgeous let alone sell well.

          Unreal Tournament 2003 1077-2225
          Unreal Tournament 2004 3120-3369
          Roboblitz 2306
          Unreal Tournament 3 3809
          Unreal Development Kit 6094-10246

          Just look at those numbers, over 4000 versions (more than it took to bring you UT2004). Unreal Engine 4's build numbers will be higher again but my point is that UDK is far from outdated technology