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Im brand new.

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    Im brand new.

    I am brand new at this. I have developed a small simple game on my own, but it has been completely trial and error. I have gotten to the point where I need help to get any further. Is there a good book for me me to use? Or a good online guide? Because the videos that i have found on youtube and such have mostly been counter productive as most of the people are finding the wrong way to do everything. Why do I say that its the wrong way? Because when I combine 2 videos for my project, they do not allow anything to work. (Example, I follow a video to make an enemy to attack me. Can make one, follow the same video to make a 2nd, and Im blocked.) Ideas or help?

    Aside from your post be extremely vague, there are a lot of resources you can pull from.

    Here is a tutorial on some cameras:

    Here is a guide to setup custom game types:

    Here is a resource for using Canvas (Unreal's 'basic' HUD):

    While there is a TON of programming tutorials on the internet, not a lot of them are related to UnrealScript. I'd suggest either watching some on Java or C++. (C++ is a bit more complicated but used more, in regards to development with Unreal). When you get an understanding of either of these, here is the UDN page on programming with UnrealScript:

    Here is a tutorial series on YouTube for Java:

    Here is a tutorial series on YouTube for C++:

    Here is a book you can buy on UnrealScript:

    I can't find anything specific on 3D modeling, that would be beneficial for you, but a simple Google search will get you started with the concept and design of 3D art and UV mapping.

    As for making textures, Racer445 has a great over view of how he makes his models and different textures (diffuse, normals, specular, etc):

    Here is Racer445's guide to hard surface textures:

    Here is Racer445's guide to hard surface modeling:

    Here is another guide to hard surface texture design, that is less detailed, but easy to follow:

    If you're looking for some lessons on level design, Hourences (Sjoerd de Jong) has an amazing book out, called the Hows and Whys of Level Design, that can be found here:

    Best of luck to you.