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Lightmass issues in dark places

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    Lightmass issues in dark places

    Hello everyone. I'm having a little problem with Lightmass. I'm doing a horror game so it has a lot of dark places. Some of them, receive a little bit of indirect light. But it seems that in these kind of places, lightmass doesn't put too much effort to render it properly.

    (I've increased the brightness of the image so you can see the problem.)

    It's supposed to be very dark, but you can still see some things. So it's very ugly to see all those black squares. I've tested with different lighting settings, like Indirect Bounces, lightmap resolutions, production lighting, etc. There's no difference at all. And it's not a lightmap issue. Although the scene of the image is almost empty, this problem happens with all the objects if the scene is full of them. When there is a minimum amount of light, everything works fine.

    Anyone knows if there's a fix for this?

    EDIT: Ooops, I've posted in the wrong section. Could this post be moved to the correct one?

    if those are static meshes, you probably have the lightmap issues.